Spartan Advanced Protection System®

The industry’s first and only comprehensive safety system engineered to keep you on the road, and safe… to enjoy every adventure.

Spartan Advanced Protection System® (APS) is a set of safety features designed and engineered to make owning and operating a Class A RV safer for drivers, passengers, and other vehicles that share the road.


Engineered and manufactured in the USA, the RV industry’s most advanced safety system is comprised of five key sub-systems:

  • Collision Mitigation (Forward Warning and Active Braking):

    an always-on monitoring system that provides warnings, even when the cruise control is not set. The driver is alerted of potentially dangerous driving scenarios. Vehicle braking is automatically applied.

  • Electronic Stability Control:

automatically brakes individual coach wheels to help drivers maintain control during extreme steering maneuvers.

  • Adaptive Cruise Control:

assists the driver in maintaining a safe following distance behind the vehicle in front of them

  • Spartan Safe Haul™:

the industry’s only chassis integrated air braking system for tow vehicles to supply optimal braking performance.

  • Lane Departure Warning (LDW):

    a system which detects lane markings and identifies when your motorhome begins to drift from its lane without the use of a turn signal. It then issues visual and auditory warnings, to alert the driver to return focus to the wheel.

Available on the following coach models:

Thanks to Spartan chassis and the Spartan Advanced Protection System, now, some of the industry’s most beautiful and comfortable luxury coaches, are also the safest. Refer to OEM specifications for further details on APS features and availability by model.